Event Checklist – How to Organize a Successful Business Event

China business events in London

An event business plan is a handy checklist that helps you focus your efforts for a successful business event. It is also a great idea to sell event ideas to potential investors.

Event business plan checklist

Want to make sure nothing slips before the business event? Follow this business checklist.

Establish Your Goals And Objectives

Get started 8-12 months before and lay the ideas to organize your China business events in London. A few questions before you begin planning for the event.

What is the purpose of the business event? How many people will attend the event or how much you want to earn a profit? What is the cost of a ticket and where will you host the event?

Estimating A Rough Budget

Borrow similar figures from past events and fill the holes with educated guesses.

Choose The Theme

There are different types of China business events in London, choose the best framework to achieve your event’s goal. Select the theme and outline of who’s attending the business event. The right piece attracts attendees and builds your business brand.

Choose Location, Venue, And Vendors

Choose the best geographic location for your event. Check if you need Wifi, infrastructure, or local vendors to help you.

Select The Date

Choose an optimal date and a second date for backup before sign-off.

Search For Speaker

Search for speakers who have attended similar events. Compile a list of ideal speakers and determine those potential speakers before reaching out.

Contact those speakers and invite them to your event.

Search For Sponsor

Determine what kind of activation your business can offer. Look at similar events like yours and check who sponsored them. Make a list of your ideal sponsors and determine the market rate of the sponsorship package.

Finalize Speakers

Finalise the speaker for your China business events in London and balance your plan to keep attendees engaged. Think about the flow and what time of day get tired or want a break.

Get bio information and if needed, arrange for travel and accommodation.

Organise Your Financials

Choose your ticket registration technology. Finalise sponsors and their contributions.

Build Your Brand Website

Either update your site or build your new business event site. You may also craft or copy from other websites to get more experience. Build a website and check if it’s infrastructure can handle the increased traffic. Make your website mobile-friendly.

Promote Your Event

Develop a message doc aligned with your event brand. You may use email and social media to publicise your business event. Also, go for paid advertising and event distribution. Distribute your event on an online event calendar. Write a blog post about your business events and create a promo video.

Finalise The Venue

Approve caterer and secure A/V equipment and Wifi. Check with the security and plan with your team. Speak with the travel department, light and sound. Check all staging equipment performance and see if you need any medical staff. Check all the licences and insurance policies you need before the event.

Finalising All The Details

When only two or three months are left before your China business events in London, grab the opportunity to build excitement and urge interested attendees to register before it’s too late.

Send Reminders Through Email And Social Media

Before the business event, send reminders to all the attendees on email and social media; reach out to speakers, panellists, and sponsors to make sure they have taken care of everything.

The Week Before The Business Event

The event is a week away, and there are still a few essential things you need to close. Below is the checklist to stay on track

•  Finalise The Event Schedule And Script

•  Set a reminder and confirm with every team member has the same schedule.

Finalise The Speech Script.

Communicate the final details with your partners

Final confirmation with the caterer and venue with registration numbers. Confirm the schedule with vendors, date and time. Double-check the A/V equipment and Wifi.

Wrapping Up

Stay competitive with business event planning trends. With an inside look at the opinions and strategies of business event organisers, corporate events face fewer challenges.