The Importance of an Employee Team Building

Team building is a new corporate buzzword that we often hear.  In terms of corporate development, team building programmes are not only important for employees to experience the immediate effects of team bonding but also for group skills and communication.

Team building is an important investment that helps an organisation gets higher returns. It encourages collaboration and teamwork and allows employees to connect with each other in a different setting.  Here are some reasons that show the importance of employee team building.

Improves Communication

Improving communication within the team is the primary reason to use team building activities. Team building in Reading, Birmingham, Oxford, and other areas include ice-breaking activities where employees get to know each other and lay the foundation for good fellowship. These are used to bring employees together who usually don’t work side by side.

Team building games include situations where employees are forced to interact with each other.  Communication helps in reducing misunderstandings and break silos. It also lays down the foundation for trust, honesty, and clarity that are highly valued in the corporate world.

Resolve Conflicts in Teams

A team has several benefits over an individual such as diversity of ideas, knowledge, and resources.  However, diversity also brings in conflict that takes away the advantages. As more organisations restructure their team, they need to also impart proper training to resolve conflicts.

According to Varney report, a conflict in teams is the number one problem in big organisations. Even after repeated training sessions, it has a negative impact within the team. Team building activities aim to break the communication barriers within the team. These games allow team members to know and understand each other better.

The team building games also show competence of every individual in the team. This allows the team manager to utilise the competence of the team member in the best way possible. Since the team building activities are conducted outside the office and there is no direct relation with the job profile, there is no professional competition amongst the team members.

In fact, the team building activities do not put employees against each other. They have to work towards a common goal and everyone has to contribute to succeed. There is no individual failure or success but everything is related to the team.

The positive and fun experience in team building games transcends into a positive effect on office work. Employees are more focused and they understand the importance of cooperation that enhances productivity.

Taps into Employee’s Hidden Potential

Team building activities are designed to encourage individual development. These activities encourage employees to pool their talents and perform best as individuals and team players. Through these activities, team members understand diversity is their biggest asset and effective communication and trust is the key to team’s success. Structured team building activities bring team members to work together for a common cause.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Team building games encourage employees to think about the problem-solving process. These activities build problem-solving skills as employees analyse the information, think creatively to solve the problem negotiate on the selection of solution to apply and co-operate with each other in applying the solution.

These activities also teach employees to listen, think and introspect about the way they take decisions.   Besides helping them learn to solve problems together, team building activities also teach an employee to think strategically and rationally.

Breaks the Hierarchical Barrier

The disconnect between team leaders and employees is common in organisations and the reason is employees feel the gap between two job positions. The lack of effective communication leads distrust in leadership. Team building activities break the hierarchical barrier as the team leader is also a player like other employees.

This allows the employees to see their leadership as a colleague who reduces the hostility and unfriendliness between them. Besides breaking hierarchical barriers, team building activities can also do wonders to employee morale.

Promotes Creativity

Team building activities break the office rut and employees feel refreshed with the new experiences.  This forces them to think outside their normal office routine. Working together with colleagues in different settings ignites fresh ideas and creativity which are great qualities that can be taken back to office work.

A successful team building program will often mean a cohesive team that works toward achieving common goals.  There is no doubt employee team building can bring in a radical change in an office environment and your employees and take your company on roads of higher growth.