Party Rentals Take Your Party to the Next Level

When you plan on organizing a party whether a school gathering, a graduation party, a church picnic, birthday party, wedding party or any other party, you want to make sure your guests will have a blast and will talk about

Team Building can be Fun and Productive with the Right Planner

Every entrepreneur knows a close-knit team is an important element in increasing the productivity which ultimately leads to success. If you are unable to bring your employees together and make them work as a team then you have a serious

Tips to Choose the Perfect Bounce House for a Kids Party

Keeping kids occupied in a party is a daunting task. They are so easily distracted and so easily amused by everything that is reachable for them. And if it is a kids’ party, you definitely need some activity or games

Five Creative Things that Celebrity Event Planners Do

Celebrity event planners do not come into existence overnight. It takes them years of experience and creative expertise to build their profile. Conducting events for celebrities or ones that host them requires additional effort than a traditional one. These event

How Successful Corporate Event Planning Companies Bring Brands to Life Through Events

Corporate event planning companies manage a wide range of corporate events ranging from small to mid, and large format ones. An important type of corporate event organized by such companies is a brand launch or brand promotion event. Such events

Five Traits of Successful Event Production Companies

Event production companies play a big role in producing special and memorable occasions. Their experience and expertise help in meticulous planning and timely execution of all activities leading up to the event, and even after its completion. From big fat

Six Questions You Should Ask Your Nonprofit Event Planning Company

Nonprofit event planning is a bit complex process as you have a tough task of selling tickets, getting sponsors, and create awareness about the cause. Besides ensuring the events runs smoothly, you also need to ensure donations pour in and

Five Do’s and Dont’s of Corporate Event Planning

Planning an event is a daunting task. Though, hiring a corporate event planner can take off the workload, you need to keep a watch on preparations as event planner can also make mistakes. Here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts of

Know Your Options Before Choosing Flowers for Wedding Decor

Floral decoration is an imperative consideration while planning a grand marriage ceremony. As a wedding couple, you always look forward to the most stupendous décor for your special day. Being such a vital element of this auspicious ceremony, you can’t

Innovative and Creative Ideas for Fundraising Events

Fundraising event in simple terms can be called as an event, where people are gathered together to encourage the general public to participate in paying money or resources of other form for a good cause or a specific cause for

Dos and Don’ts of an Event Entertainment

Any event entertainment-whether corporate or fundraising, turns out to be potentially fruitful, if planned tactfully. As Benjamin Franklin said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, one needs to prepare beforehand to make any event really entertaining. For

Great Fundraising Event Ideas: Run for Charity

Most fundraising events are limited by the creativity of their ideas and are drudgery. When confronting a fundraiser, it’s often favorable to have more than one idea to create a fundraising affair that appeals to as many people as possible.