Why Attending a Bio Conference Can be a Winning Proposition?

China became a full regulatory member of the ICH in 2017. Since then, the demand for international drugs and medical devices in the country has gone up exponentially. Alongside, a growing number of foreign investors, bioengineering professionals, and biotechnology and pharma companies have now become interested in investing in, working with, and gaining partnerships with Chinese companies. Attending a China bio conference can help these parties to become better informed about the various aspects of doing business with the Chinese.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider attending a China bio conference:

Invaluable Networking Opportunities

The China bio conference offers you the opportunity to meet and interact with executives from the leading Chinese biotechnology and pharma companies. You will also be able to meet experienced bioengineers, pharma engineers, chemical engineers, and other bio-industry professionals. Additionally, you can interact with China-centric experts who can advise you about international laws, business transactions, and financial regulations. Knowing the right people can help you considerably with finding better work, business, and partnership opportunities in China’s emerging healthcare market.

Good Career Opportunities

Attending the China bio conference can be a winning proposition for a number of reasons. Whether you attend as a delegate or a sponsor, such biotech conference in Boston can help you to discover a host of new career opportunities and promising partnerships. The top executives of leading biotechnology and pharma companies generally make presentations at these conferences. Also, various biotechnology and pharma experts give speeches, organize workshops, or participate in panel discussions and one-on-one sessions. The networking opportunities you get with such industry experts can make a significant difference in your career.

Business Tips and Pitches

If you are still a student or a new graduate, meeting with experienced professionals in your field can give you an idea of what to expect in your future career in biotechnology or pharmaceuticals. You can get tips from them about finding work and remaining employed. Experienced professionals can make public or private business pitches to investors and pharma executives. Generally, these pitches must be only eight to ten minutes long. If the executives and investors like the pitch you make, they will agree to a one-to-one meeting to talk about partnering or collaborating on the project.

Increased Brand Visibility

Going to the China bio conference can help you to increase your brand visibility in the Chinese market. You will get the chance to show off your knowledge, expertise, and products to the companies that might need them. You can apply to speak at the China bio conference on your specialty and use the opportunity to generate interest among Chinese and international pharma executives and investors. The bio conference organizers will assist you in promoting your company before the conference. They will also advise you on how to arrange and conduct one-to-one partnering meetings with interested parties.

Detailed Feedback

By meeting and discussing business with pharma executives and investors,  you will make it clear what assets you have and what your short-term and long-term plans are for entering the Chinese market. The feedback you get from them can help you to refine your business and marketing strategies.

Information Exchange

Through the keynote speeches, panel discussions, and one-on-one sessions, you can learn about innovative biotechnologies that are likely to enrich and revolutionize the healthcare industry. You can learn about pharmaceuticals made from plant and animal materials, about gene/cell therapy and genetics, and about stem cell research. You can gain information about nanotechnology, medical devices, and medical drugs. You can find out about the drug discovery, drug development, and drug delivery processes.

As you see, attending a bio conference can be a winning proposition for you if you are seeking to out-license your products or are seeking new clients in China. You can use the China bio conference’s partnering platform to search for potential business partners and identify the ones that seem promising. You can then arrange for a partnering meeting with them. If everything goes well, you will be able to sign a contract with a reliable, competent Chinese partner. You can then work towards saving lives and improving public health with innovative drugs to combat cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, cardiovascular disease, and other conditions.