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Six Questions You Should Ask Your Nonprofit Event Planning Company

Nonprofit event planning is a bit complex process as you have a tough task of selling tickets, getting sponsors, and create awareness about the cause. Besides ensuring the events runs smoothly, you also need to ensure donations pour in and

Innovative and Creative Ideas for Fundraising Events

Fundraising event in simple terms can be called as an event, where people are gathered together to encourage the general public to participate in paying money or resources of other form for a good cause or a specific cause for

Dos and Don’ts of an Event Entertainment

Any event entertainment-whether corporate or fundraising, turns out to be potentially fruitful, if planned tactfully. As Benjamin Franklin said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, one needs to prepare beforehand to make any event really

Great Fundraising Event Ideas: Run for Charity

Most fundraising events are limited by the creativity of their ideas and are drudgery. When confronting a fundraiser, it’s often favorable to have more than one idea to create a fundraising affair that appeals to as many people as possible.