Everything You Need to Know About 360 Immersive Domes

360 Immersive Domes were made when people got bored of flat-screen ppt presentations, conferences, or even movie theatres. 360 Immersive domes, as the name suggests, give the audience an experience of a lifetime by projecting films, videos, or just about any media on the walls/membranes of an inflatable dome.

Now, if you remember, inflatable domes are usually hemispherical structures. So, a 360 immersive dome projects media all over the membranes of the dome at 360 degrees. This means that audiences experiencing this phenomenon can enjoy it literally over their heads and around their necks!

360 immersive domes have to surround sound technology. So, in a way, if you’re watching ‘Jurassic Park’ you can literally hear the Dinosaur coming from behind!

A recap to Inflatable Domes.

Inflatable Domes are an example of Air-supported structures. They are used in recreational events like- concerts, parties, wedding ceremonies, etc. and are also used for specific purposes like planetarium domes.

They can protect the interior from strong winds, dust, and pollution. Being highly portable, they are used in events occurring at the outskirts of cities or large fields. They are also used in events where a large number of the public is anticipated.

Inflatable Domes were first tested in 1970 by Michael.H.Geiger at EXPO’70 (Osaka, Japan). People who like to travel can use them as make-shift homes and this technology can also solve the problem of homelessness in cities.

The concept behind 360 immersive dome’s video technology

The video technology behind 360 immersive domes is based on mainly two types of projector systems:

1) Single Projector system: A dome with a single projector system has a projector laid at or near the center of the dome. It projects the image at the hemispherical center of the dome. The advantage of using a single-projector system is that it’s cost-effective and good for conferences or seminars which project ppt slides or single images on the screen and some planetariums.

The main disadvantage with this is that the audience has to be located at the center of the dome to experience the visuals. Another disadvantage is that it lacks variety. You cannot project many things and your audience cannot experience different spaces.

2) Multi-projector systems: Multi-projector systems use two or more projectors that blend an image or a piece of media so that it projects itself on the entire interior hemispherical surface of the dome.

The advantage of multi-projector systems is that they can make your audience experience a completely immersive phenomenon. These domes are usually used at 360 immersive dome parties, DJ Nights, Concerts or even some planetariums.

Multiple types of display devices can be used inside immersive domes like Cathode Ray Tubes (CRT), LCD, Digital Light Processing, Liquid Crystal On Silicon, and Laser projectors.

Types of events which can be held inside 360 Immersive Domes:

Practically any event which includes media and visuals can be held inside 360 immersive domes, some special occasions include:

1) DJ Nights: The different mosaics of lightings which beat to the rhythm on a DJ night, prove highly efficient to let your audience go into a trance. The beautiful and exuberating colors outshine anything regular.

2) Movie Theatres: How about a movie that covers the whole sky? Intimidating, right? Movies can be played on the membranes of the dome and the surround sound can give an immersive 3D effect to your perfect date night!

3) Product Launches: Product launches prove extremely efficient inside a dome because the interior of the dome gives you complete attention of the audience, and the product can be viewed in 8K over the walls. The 360 angle gives you a chance to show your product at different angles; engaging your audience as you woo them!

To conclude, with cost-effectiveness and a highly immersive experience, 360 immersive domes grant you full liberty over your event and an eye-catching view for your audience.

360 immersive domes are highly attractive and nullify the risk of real estate and any type of pollution.

They are a thankful treat for your audience.

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