How Can Corporate Team Building Increase Productivity in a Recession?

In the times of recession, when the survival for a company becomes difficult, there is a lot of pressure on the employees about work but also about their survival. In such cases, it is important for a company to make sure that their employees stay mentally fit in order to attain higher productivity of work. And that is why it is important for a company to organize the best corporate team building activities in order to increase productivity in times of recession.

However, the vital goal of these team building activities is to help employees to boost their morals and uplift each other’s abilities. You want your employees to respect and follow the team culture, and that will only happen if you organize some morale boosting and creative corporate team building activities in the times of recession.

There are many team building ideas that can be executed like going for a holiday or a retreat with all employees. If not organizing a two-hour game in the office just to refresh the employees or going out for a team dinner or lunch etc. There are many other things that can be done to increase the productivity of the employees. But if you are looking for something special, creative and skillful then organizing a sushi carnival could be the best team building activity.

Here are three ideas that you can incorporate in your sushi carnival feast.

Sushi making class

Sushi making is considered as an art in the culinary culture. It just not only gives you satisfaction while making it but also tastes amazing. Organize a sushi making class at your corporate office for your employees and you will see the enthusiasm that you have never seen in the past few days. These three-hour long sushi making classes will help your employees learn California roll, rainbow roll, handroll, and many other things.

This is a great opportunity for your employees to bond with each other and share creative ideas. Once they take the class, they will surely notch up the game from the next day at work. They will interact with fellow-mates, open up their minds and creativity will flow in.

Live sushi bar

If you are looking to ramp up the things a bit at the office and not at any other place then having a live sushi bar can simply ace the corporate team building game. Set up a live sushi bar and tell your employees to chill out, eat, and have fun with each other. Have a variety of Japanese food including rolls, Sashimi, special sushi, nigiri, and all other delicious stuff. Here they will not just make sushi, but they will enjoy eating it too right away.

This will encourage your employees to interact, open-up, and forget the work pressure and responsibilities for some time. They will feel fresh and energetic after the party. Play some soft music while they enjoy the live sushi bar.

Sushi party

If you do not want your employees to make sushi, the arrange a sushi party, where they will simply enjoy eating a variety of sushi and other Japanese delicacies. This will give you and your employees a chance to do networking and socializing to the fullest. And anyhow, good food is always the best idea. If you want to make someone happy, serve them mouthwatering food, and you will win their hearts. The same goes for your employees as well. An exclusive sushi party and there you will all the smiling faces.

You can also arrange a demonstration of sushi making by sushi-chefs as it will enhance the interest of your team. It is going to be a unique style for a team-building activity.

Your team members understand they are an integral part of the organization and different from other (Of course such team building sessions are unique). Therefore, this is an opportunity for you to make your employees bounce back with full of energy and increase their productivity with such sessions. Because your employees are your backbone and they are worth spending money to get your job done in time. So, when you are thinking of the best corporate team building activity, do remember the sushi carnival.