How to Keep Balloons in Excellent Condition

Balloons are indispensable to add glow to any party. They add the needed bling and cheer to the ambiance. One can never go wrong with the selection of balloons for party décor. But do you know? A deflated balloon or the ones that are not taken care of properly can cause disappointment both for guests and hosts.

Experts of balloons in Hoboken are sharing some tips about how to keep balloons in excellent condition. Let’s move on to this post to know what they are.

Keep away from heat

Heat is one enemy of balloons. Be it a helium balloon or a normal air blown one, balloons need to be kept away from heat. Be it heat indie the home or the natural sunlight, both do no good to balloons. Helium molecules expand in the presence of heat. This causes them to push the surface of the balloon hard which may result in the bursting of the balloon.

Hence, to ensure that balloon stay long in high temperature:

• Maintain their temperature by occasionally sprinkling water onto them.

• Bring them inside when not in use. This way they won’t be subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations, and they will last long.

Take care with pets

Pets like to play with balloons. Though this sounds fun, this may be risky to the pets. Besides, playing with a balloon will also bring down their lifetime. So, if you have pets at home, make sure to bring out the balloons only when needed and just before the final decoration. The helium in balloons is no good for pets and hence take care that pets stay away from balloons as much as possible.

Choose the best quality

Experts at Balloons in Hoboken share that while choosing the décor using balloons, it is important to choose good quality ones. Always pick latex balloons of good quality to make sure your party décor stays for long in shape and shine.

Pick colors wisely

If you are keen on prolonging the life of balloons and the decoration, you must choose the colors wisely.

• Light colors like baby pink, light green, sky blue, etc. absorb less heat than balloons of dark colors. Hence, avoid black and dark colors if you are planning an outside party space décor that is in sunlight.

• White balloons are the best bet for open spaces. White acts as a reflector of sunlight and hence the white balloons are good for outdoor use.

Store them well

After the party, store the balloons well in the bags that are mentioned for their storage. This way they stay longer and you can use them several times.

Besides these, you can also use the following tips to keep balloons in excellent condition:

• Never blow balloons to full volume. Always leave 10-15% space for them to absorb heat and expand over time.

• Always provide a shade for balloons in case you are using them in the outer area. This helps to keep them away from heat and they will last long.

• If the party is on a hotter day, prefer Mylar foil balloons to latex ones. These last long in hotter climates compared to latex ones.

• If possible, estimate the outside temperature and blow your balloons accordingly. This little research will add life to your balloons in an amazing way.

• Take the help of balloon delivery experts to keep your balloons in excellent condition. Their professional knowledge will help immensely to adding hours to your balloons in a great way.

• In hot climates, choose large-sized balloons than small ones. They accumulate more air and allow some space for expansion on heating. Remember to leave some free area while blowing them.

• On average, a balloon stays inflated for around 17-18 hours. In case the surroundings are hot, this will come down to 8-10 hours. So, to give them more lifetime, add a shade or cool them occasionally by sprinkling water.


Balloons and party glamour are intertwined. You just need to know some secrets in keeping your balloons fresh and active for a longer time. Follow the tips mentioned here and extend the life of your balloons. Professional balloon experts can also suggest personal advice on how to keep balloons in excellent condition. Have a fun time partying!

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