Ideas for Company Events

Teamwork is really important for a company to run efficiently without any hitch. But, many companies forget to do a team-building activity, and instead, conduct one meeting after the other for motivating the employees. Through such meetings, there is a very rare possibility that the employees would take much interest. Many employers are scared that the productivity would come down; this is absolutely a false thought. Actually, such company events when conducted with precision including fun events would increase employee productivity. According to a few surveys conducted, it is reported that, in reality, employees feel rejuvenated to start afresh the next day after such events. Employers do not have to worry about how to conduct such events.

There are a lot event management companies and individuals, who for a minimum charge organize such events. If not interested to hire an event organizer, then here are a few ideas to conduct such events.

Ideas.for.Company.EventsIdeas for Company Events

•  Conduct Indoor Games. An indoor sports arena can be rented out and some indoor games like chess and carom can be conducted and awards can be given to the winners. This would boost the confidence level of employees.

•  Set up Potluck Picnic. A barbeque can be set in the office terrace or parking lot and invite the employees to attend. This can be made as a potluck too, where each one can bring a fresh homemade dish which can be shared among all employees.

•  Invite a Keynote or Motivational Speaker. A keynote speaker or a motivational speaker can be invited, who would speak as well as perform something special for the audience followed by a lunch or dinner.

•  Play Fun Games. Fun games like “Truth or False”, “Hot or cold”, etc. can be organized in the office premises.

•  Give Back to the Community. An event can be organized where the team can join along with NGOs and conduct fundraising gala for a charitable cause. This is like creating an opportunity for the employees to give back to the society.

•  Conduct Outdoor Activity. Outdoor activities like hiking, rafting, skiing, horse riding, trekking, etc. can be arranged as a one-day picnic event. Even families of employees can be invited to take part in such events. This actually gives the employees to bond with their families too, as they may not be able to give much family-time in their tight schedule.

•  Arrange a Mime Show. A mime show can be arranged, where the artist can act out a corporate message to the employees.

•  Make them Guess the Price. If it is a product launch event, then the employees can be made to guess the price of the product that is being launched and a prize can be given for the right answer or for an approximate answer.

These are a few company event ideas which can be incorporated during a fun event.