Six Tips For Networking at Business Events

If you ever get an opportunity to attend global business events like China Business events in London, we suggest you never skip them. Why? Events can widen your professional network like no other.

However, the benefits of such business events can be maximized only when you know the tricks and tips of networking at business events. Here are six tips that help you in networking at business events:

Do prior research

At international business events, the possibilities of attendance of various participants from reputed businesses and industries are high. To make yourself comfortable with the attendees, at least to some extent, you should make prior research.

What should you research?

• You can check who are the major participants in the event. Dig into their brand, business reputed personalities, and understand their mission.

• Professional networks like LinkedIn and Crunchbase can help you to get a gist of their professional achievements and profiles.

• Thus, when you are equipped with such information, breaking the ice with strangers at any business event is not a daunting task.

Practice your introductory pitch

Some people tend to confuse about how to introduce themselves to new people. It can be common especially if you are going to meet big people in the industry at business events. To remove this uneasiness, practice your introductory pitch – what you want to introduce about yourself and your business to new people. This helps in situations where you may feel tongue-tied.

Be bold and go solo

It is always good to attend business events in teams. But it helps more if you can attend them along. This way you can get to move out of your comfort zone and will try to talk to people more rather than being confined by one person if you have attended with them.

Have clarity before you attend

Business events often take place with a theme. Thus, when you are planning to attend them, have clarity about why you intend to participate.

• Are you looking for new leads?
• Do you want to get updated with business trends?
• You are keen to expand your network by making new connections?
• Are you attending the event for investor attention?

Having such clarity will help in knowing with whom you have to interact and start networking.

Take the initiative

Business events such as China Business events in London are often attended by participants from across the globe. You get to meet various people with different mindsets, experiences, motives, and thoughts. Thus, instead of sitting in a corner and waiting for someone to come to you for a talk, be bold, and take the initiative.

Some tips that help you grow your network by attracting the attention of the participants are given below:

• Be an active player. Participate in discussions and speeches proactively. This grabs the eyeballs of the people who are all around you.

• Break the ice at lunch and tea time. Get out of your comfy seat and start networking with people.

• Try to make connections through a common friend or connection. Such connections are quickly made and help you more than you imagine.

• When you get in touch with a new contact, take their social media profiles, and connect with them with their permission. This way you can stay connected even after the business event.

• Mind your body language. It can send signals to others about your mindset. Be relaxed and confident. Display your eagerness to make contacts and openness to talk to new people. This automatically lets others know that you are a friendly and warm person.

Networking at business events should not end with the events. You should know how to nurture the network so that they align with your professional and business goals. Building a network is all about maintaining continuous relations even after the first meet. Staying in touch with your network’s business or industry updates and sharing your thoughts about them can help in maintaining rapport for a long.


Business events offer unbeatable scope to boost your networking. Letting others know that you are open to talk through your body language is a sign that can invite others to you. Take the active lead and participate in events and activities that help draw attention towards you. Importantly, nurture the networks so formed to take your profession or business to the next level.