Team Building can be Fun and Productive with the Right Planner

Every entrepreneur knows a close-knit team is an important element in increasing the productivity which ultimately leads to success. If you are unable to bring your employees together and make them work as a team then you have a serious problem to deal with. Perhaps, you need to consider team building activities to help employees bond with each other and work as a cohesive force.

What is Team Building?

Team building refers to organising various activities and games with an objective. These activities can have multiple objectives such as improving communication within the team, helping employees know each other, boosting morale, and motivating the members to work together as a team.

Often these team building events is also known as corporate events. These events are exciting and fun for everyone and help break the monotony of the office routine. The success of these events in developing cohesiveness, boosting morale and productivity has attracted the attention of CEOs worldwide.

Due to the popularity of these team building events, several organisations conduct unique team building events on weekends. Some organisations also have special team building courses or activities like cocktail parties where team members work together to make cocktails.

Why Hiring a Corporate Team Building Planner Makes Sense?

Team building activities need creativity and adequate planning. The busy schedule of CEOs’ and top management prevents them from planning such essential activities. This is where a corporate team building planner comes in.

A right team building event planner will create a package of exciting team building activities that will entice team members and infuse a renewed sense of motivation in participants. The CEOs and business leaders will be provided a variety of team building activities to choose from. The only thing they need to do is get a good team building activity planner and choose activities that are best for the groups.

With a good planner by your side, the team manager only has to determine the right team building activity and then only focus on having fun with the team. When using an external planner for team building, groups can participate in selecting the right activities to build a cohesive team.

Ideally, you will find a team building planners working with a group of employees to design activities. The customisation of the team activities for a group makes them more effective. Some of the team building activities or game that you can consider are London Treasure hunts, motorised team building, spy school, or country sports activities.

In a nutshell, the role of the team building planner is to design right team building activities and ensure the team reaches the goal.

Make Team Building Activities Regular

Team building activities are extremely effective in boosting the morale of employees and you need to hold these events regularly to increase productivity. You will not realise the benefits of planning team building activities once in a year and there will be no long-term benefits of this exercise. The team building planner can organise outdoor events, indoor events and evening events that ensure your organisation does not lose a productive day for such activities.

To get long term results from team building activities, create a timetable for team building while developing a business strategy as it is essential to fine tune employees. Make sure the team building activities are compulsory for everyone and no one is left out. Also, ensure the team building activities are meaningful for the team and relevant to your business model but don’t forget to make them fun for everyone.

Measuring Results

A right planner can ensure the team building events are organised smoothly but their role doesn’t end here. Team building is an investment and you need to measure results to know the investment returns. Professional team building planners can establish a baseline metric to determine the progress at different stages after each team building event. The dramatic increase in productivity and sudden burst of enthusiasm at the workplace are the success indicators of team building programmes. But you should  organise more team building events when you see a drop in levels of enthusiasm and productivity.

If you want team building activities in Milton Keynes to be effective, you need to focus on the planning and as well as the process of team building. In fact, 80% success of the team is due to cohesive relationships and 20% is due to the knowledge of what every team member needs to do.

Do you plan any to conduct any team building activities in your organisation? Please feel free to comment.